Puppets & Booze

The CAPG is ecstatic to announce our puppet slam, Puppets & Booze! Grab a few friends and head down to The Southgate House in Newport, KY on August 2 at 7:00PM for a night you won’t soon forget.

Puppetry is often viewed as “entertainment for kids,” but our slam will introduce you to a completely different side of the art—-a dark side, if you will. The fabulous Nate Brown will guide us through a night of puppetry for grown-ups. Performers include Terrence Burke, Linda Mason, Christine Langford, Nate Puppets, and Ryan Moore, to name a few.

Do you get creeped out by puppets? No worries! We will have a bar full of liquid courage to help you confront your fears. There is no way of knowing what these puppets will do so loosen up, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Tickets can be purchased at ticketfly.com now for $10 or at the door for $12. Proceeds help support the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild, which is a local, non-profit organization that aims to promote the art of puppetry in and around the Cincinnati area.


National Day of Puppetry

On Saturday, April 26, the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild hosted a day of pancakes, puppet shows, and workshops in celebration of National Day of Puppetry at Happen, Inc in Northside.

Christine Langford performed an extremely interactive and completely entertaining shadow puppet show to kick off the morning. Following Christine’s performance, Terrence Burke hosted a workshop next door on the topic of “creating silly voices.”

Up next, Ryan Moore performed a short variety set featuring a gassy rendition of Let it Go and a puppet doing a puppet show. Afterwards, Christine Langford provided a workshop on shadow puppetry at the Toy Lab.

The final performance of the day was given by Carly Varatta. She performed an original piece about a caterpillar’s transition into a butterfly.

Bill Yost did a walkaround demonstration of how a marionette works. Following the performances, Happen, Inc. provided materials for the audience to make their own sock puppets.

The CAPG would like to thank everyone who helped made this possible, including Happen, Inc. and all of the parents and children who showed up.

“The most sophisticated people I know–inside, they are all children.”
-Jim Henson












Happen, Inc. Easter Party

Last Saturday members of the CAPG provided walk-around puppetry for Happen, Inc.’s Easter celebration in Northside. Puppeteers Terrence Burke, Jessie Mooney-Bullock, and Ryan Moore spent the afternoon entertaining children and their parents as they relaxed in the gorgeous weather, eating and hunting Easter eggs. Happen, Inc. has been a great asset to the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild by allowing us to use their facility as a venue for our National Day of Puppetry celebrations. Be sure to come out this Saturday and have a day of puppets and pancakes with us! 20140421-103832.jpg








CAPG Meeting Minutes


photo 4(1) photo

Hello Cincinnati!

It is officially Spring, though the Ohio weather seems to disagree. Already we are off to a great season of fun and puppetry shenanigans. The Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild met on Sunday, March 23 at the Cincinnati Public Library and if you were not there, you missed out on a wonderful time. The CAPG met at 1:30pm to watch The Frisch Marionette Company perform The Wizard of Oz. The show is performed by two puppeteers, Kevin Frisch and Honey Goodenough (yes, that is her real name.)  The show is brilliantly choreographed and the marionettes are beautifully hand crafted by Kevin Frisch, combined with clever and catchy tunes to create a fun and completely entertaining show for people of all ages. The music is composed and performed by Kevin’s brother, Steve Frisch, and had us all tapping our toes for the duration of the show.

After the show, the CAPG held an open meeting upstairs at the library to discuss the agenda for the next few months. We have many exciting projects in the works, including National Day of Puppetry in April, a guild puppet building project for a local theatre production, and talk of a puppet slam this year. National Day of Puppetry celebrations will take place on April 26, 2014 at Happen, Inc. in Northside. Go to www.cincinnatipuppetryguild.com/day-of-puppetry for more information.

A topic of discussion was “where do we want to go and how are we going to get there.” As one of the most active puppetry guilds in the Great Lakes region we are looking to become even more active and develop a presence in our city. We had a round table discussion regarding ways to promote awareness of the CAPG within the tri-state area. Each member in attendance had some great ideas for guild promotion and we are still looking for suggestions so if you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them with the president, Linda Mason…

Which brings us to our next topic: Linda Mason has been the president of the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild for many years and announced that she is ready to pass the torch on. The CAPG will be holding elections for a myriad of positions within our organization. In short, there have been “a few people doing all of the work” for a long time and we need to distribute responsibilities among the members to make our guild both effective and productive. If you are able to help with anything from organizing events to hosting workshops for our upcoming events, do not hesitate to come forward.

This is the year of the Cincinnati Puppetry Guild; a time for us to evolve. This meeting had the largest turnout of members in quite some time. The attendees consisted of veteran guild members, unofficial members, and even a couple of new members! Following a wonderful show and a productive meeting, the CAPG met at Buckhead Grill for dinner with our special guests of the evening, Joseph Emory and Honey Goodenough (stop laughing). The food was fantastic but the company was even better.

As a member of the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild, I am excited to see where 2014 takes us. Remember, without teamwork we will not progress. It will take each of us collectively utilizing our talents, intelligence, and elbow grease to make our guild a well-oiled machine. Until next time, remember that it is not the hours you put into your work that matter, it is the work you put into your hours.

UPDATE on Madcap Puppets press conference

From John Lewandowski, Artistic Director/Executive Director of Madcap Productions:

We would like to invite you to join us at a Press Conference with Mayor John Cranley on:
Thursday the 13th of March at 9:30AM at the Madcap Center located at 3054 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45211.
The Mayor will announce his support for the new Madcap Center and this unique public/private partnership that will anchor the revitalization of the Historic Westwood Business District. Please join us in this celebration.


Congratulations to Madcap Puppets!

Mayor John Cranley announced during last week’s City Council meeting that Madcap Puppets will be receiving $500K from the City of Cincinnati for the capital costs associated with the new Madcap Center building.

Mayor Cranley  will be holding a press conference on Tuesday the 25th at 9:30AM in front of the new Madcap Center (3054 Harrison Ave) to announce the City’s support for Westwood and Madcap Productions.
Due to urgent business the press conference with Mayor Cranley of Cincinnati has been postponed to Tuesday the 4th of March.  
This is fantastic news for our pals at Madcap, and for puppetry in Cincinnati!

Here is a video created by Madcap Puppets about their move to the Westwood neighborhood:

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the blog of the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild at www.CincinnatiPuppetryGuild.com!

It is here that you will find news and information about our guild, it’s events and meetings, and puppetry news that we feel our members will enjoy.

Check back as this website is built to learn more about our guild and all of the great puppet people who live in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati puppeteers circa 2003.
Cincinnati puppeteers circa 2003. Front row: Larry Smith, Aretta Baumgartner, Micha Robertson. Back row: Terrence Burke, Kevin Frisch, Carus Waggoner and visiting puppeteer Hobey Ford