Puppet Slam


Puppet Slam

What is a Puppet Slam?  The Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild can help answer that sometimes puzzling question for you. 

 A puppet slam is a collection of short form, usually about 5-10 minutes,  puppet acts with adult themes or concepts.   It could be a complete puppet act, a work in progress, or the opportunity for a puppeteer to present a new idea or puppetry style in front of a (hopefully) mature puppet hungry audience.

The Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild’s  first puppet slam was performed at the Monmouth Theatre in April 2003 to a full house.  Since then members and friends of CAPG have presented several puppet slams at different venues around Greater Cincinnati.  Our most recent slam was at the Southgate House Revival in Newport KY in August 2014.

Be sure to check back for announcements of future puppet slams organized by the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild

Looking for a puppet slam near you?  Check here:  Puppet Slam Network