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Puppet Slam 2015!

The date is set! We are now booking performers for the slam. Contact Linda at if you would like to try out new material, perform a polished peace, or do your first ever performance! 

Tickets available at for $10 or $15 at the door. 

Cash prizes for winners based on audience votes for best performance!

National Day of Puppetry 2015

Thank you all for coming out to Happen, inc yesterday for National Day of Puppetry. We had a great turnout! The morning began with pancakes and puppetry videos in the Toy Lab. At noon, Vice President of the Guild, Ryan Moore took the stage with his Elvis Tribute Puppet, Snelvis Pestley. At 1pm, the CAPG President, Terrence Burke performes Wump Mucket Puppets. At 2pm, Richard Brown of Berea, Kentucky performed hilarious skits with his Puppets & Such. Guild member Jesse Mooney-Bullock did a demonstration of our Dragon, Mittens. Such a wonderful day!  


Cincinnati Day of Puppetry 2015

Cincinnati Day of Puppetry will be Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 11am-2pm at Happen, Inc. located at 4201 Hamilton Avenue in Northside. We will have a pancake breakfast at 11am, followed by performances by Snelvis Pestley, Wump Mucket Puppets, and Puppets & Such. Come check out our displays, make a puppet with your kids, and enjoy some walk around puppetry as we celebrate one of the world’s oldest art forms.

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National Day of Puppetry 2014

Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild 2014 NDOP poster

The Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild welcomes everyone with an interest in puppetry, in all it’s marvelous styles, to celebrate the art at our annual family friendly event.

2014 National Day of Puppetry

We are very happy to partner with our pals at Happen in Northside to bring to you a FREE FUN-tastic Day of Puppetry!

When:  Saturday April 26th – 10 am – 2 pm

Where:  Happen & Toylab4201 Hamilton Avenue in Northside

What:  Puppet shows!  Demonstrations! Puppets and more!

Performing puppeteers include Christine Langford (shadow puppetry), Carly Varatta (hand puppets), Ryan Moore (hand puppets).

10:00 am – Pancakes and Puppet Videos
11:00 am – Opening Greeting of Puppeteers
11:30 am – Christine Langford – Shadow Puppetry Show
12:00 pm – Puppetry Demonstration # 1
12:30 pm – Ryan Moore – Hand Puppet Show
1:00 pm – Puppetry Demo # 2
1:30 pm – Carly Varatta – Hand Puppet show
2:00 pm – Closing Announcements
3:00 to 5:00pm – Make Your Own Craft Activity

Thank you to all our performers, volunteers, friends, and our hosts Happen logo

Here’s a video from the 2013 Day of Puppetry provided by guild member Bill Yost:

CAPG Elections

On Sunday December 7th 2014 we had our holiday party. Election results were announced.

•Terrence Burke won the CAPG Presidental seat by a landslide…. All votes for / none against and no write in canidates.
•Ryan Moore won the CAPG vice Presidental seat, All votes for/none against and no write in canidates.
•Linda Mason will remain on the board and remain as Treasurer.
•Mary Brown will assist Linda as the new membership record keeper.

Thank you to all who voted and we look forward to continuing to promote puppetry in the Cincinnati area.



Puppets & Booze Slam

First of all, we want to thank everyone for coming out to the Southgate House Revival. We had such a great time hanging out with you. Puppet slams are great for puppeteers because they give us a chance to try new things with our art. We had many setbacks during the planning and implementation of our show but everything worked out in the end–and YOU came!

Our original emcee, Nate Brown, was unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Guild President Linda Mason graciously stepped in to replace him and led us through a wonderfully hectic evening. The first half of the slam contained performances by Linda Mason, Michelle Robertson (with Jaime and Jenn), and our new Mime friends, Cincinnati Troupe du Jour led by Erin Butusov.

Meanwhile, there was a major car accident on the Brent Spence Bridge that held up performer Terrence Burke as he attempted to juggle the slam with another show in Lexington, KY. We decided that an intermission would be a great chance to regroup and shuffle our performers’ positions in the lineup.

After the intermission, Christine Langford performed a beautiful shadow puppetry piece. Ryan Moore continued the evening with an Elvis Presley puppetry piece. Finally, as if carried in on the wings of angels, Terrence Burke arrived just in time to debut an act by The Dolly Wankers (with the help of Michelle Robertson filling in for Terrence’s wife, Lara) entitled, “Punk and Judi,” followed by an appearance by Wump Mucket Puppets. Linda Mason concluded the evening with a marionette piece, “Is That All There Is?”

We would like to thank all of the performers for making this slam happen. Thanks to James Howes for videotaping the event. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Southgate House Revival and we look forward to bringing more slams to Newport in the future.

A video of the evening’s performances will be added to this soon so check back often.









Puppets & Booze

The CAPG is ecstatic to announce our puppet slam, Puppets & Booze! Grab a few friends and head down to The Southgate House in Newport, KY on August 2 at 7:00PM for a night you won’t soon forget.

Puppetry is often viewed as “entertainment for kids,” but our slam will introduce you to a completely different side of the art—-a dark side, if you will. The fabulous Nate Brown will guide us through a night of puppetry for grown-ups. Performers include Terrence Burke, Linda Mason, Christine Langford, Nate Puppets, and Ryan Moore, to name a few.

Do you get creeped out by puppets? No worries! We will have a bar full of liquid courage to help you confront your fears. There is no way of knowing what these puppets will do so loosen up, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Tickets can be purchased at now for $10 or at the door for $12. Proceeds help support the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild, which is a local, non-profit organization that aims to promote the art of puppetry in and around the Cincinnati area.


National Day of Puppetry

On Saturday, April 26, the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild hosted a day of pancakes, puppet shows, and workshops in celebration of National Day of Puppetry at Happen, Inc in Northside.

Christine Langford performed an extremely interactive and completely entertaining shadow puppet show to kick off the morning. Following Christine’s performance, Terrence Burke hosted a workshop next door on the topic of “creating silly voices.”

Up next, Ryan Moore performed a short variety set featuring a gassy rendition of Let it Go and a puppet doing a puppet show. Afterwards, Christine Langford provided a workshop on shadow puppetry at the Toy Lab.

The final performance of the day was given by Carly Varatta. She performed an original piece about a caterpillar’s transition into a butterfly.

Bill Yost did a walkaround demonstration of how a marionette works. Following the performances, Happen, Inc. provided materials for the audience to make their own sock puppets.

The CAPG would like to thank everyone who helped made this possible, including Happen, Inc. and all of the parents and children who showed up.

“The most sophisticated people I know–inside, they are all children.”
-Jim Henson












Happen, Inc. Easter Party

Last Saturday members of the CAPG provided walk-around puppetry for Happen, Inc.’s Easter celebration in Northside. Puppeteers Terrence Burke, Jessie Mooney-Bullock, and Ryan Moore spent the afternoon entertaining children and their parents as they relaxed in the gorgeous weather, eating and hunting Easter eggs. Happen, Inc. has been a great asset to the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild by allowing us to use their facility as a venue for our National Day of Puppetry celebrations. Be sure to come out this Saturday and have a day of puppets and pancakes with us! 20140421-103832.jpg